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Hoedown at the Nervous Hospital

To paraphrase another cult band’s description of itself, this is more a legend than a performance! But this guerilla concert by the GilmerMetcalves now is documented for all to marvel at…and maybe even be driven crazy by.

It was a sunny afternoon on the expansive lawn of the State Mental Hospital in Terrell, Texas. The patients were enjoying the Northeast Texas sunshine and fellowshipping together, but there was something lacking. Their feet twitched, their hips longed to shimmy, they lusted for that proverbial soother of the savage breast, music!

As if in answer to their hankerin’, a Ford Econoline rumbled onto the grounds and out poured our own masters of Americana, The GilmerMetcalves, with guitars, drums, fiddles, washboards, jugs (besides mine, thank you very much), a vintage used Hammond organ purchased at a yard sale passed on the way to the gig, and a generator to power the whole thing. Quickly setting up, the boys ripped into a fiery version of “Damn That Bitch is Cold” followed, with hardly a breath taken, by a mashup of “The Yellow Rose of Texas” and “Black Hay Blues”.

The residents bopped and pogoed with all the reckless abandon you would expect until the final number was interrupted by the howl of Highway Patrol, county sheriff and local police sirens fast approaching. Jake thought the screaming approach gave “I Like My Steak Chicken Fried and My Women Covered in Cream Gravy” a much needed je nais se qua, but saw the wisdom in wrapping up, loading up and piloting the Econoline over the nearest hedge and onto a back road out of town, much to the disappointment of the audience, although they added to the cacophony by robustly cheering the entertainment they had just experienced.

Now, with the official release of “Hoedown at the Nervous Hospital” you can virtually be there, with all the incomparable sound quality never matched by the many bootleg versions making the rounds. Get a copy, take your meds and join the party!

Chloe “Now Where Did I Put That Paxil, Oh Never Mind, Let’s Just Dance Our Cares Away” Kleimenhagen,
Austin, TX 2008

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