Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We're art! Who knew?

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Check out "The GilmerMetcalves The Graphics" at the Atrium Gallery, Brookhaven College in Big D, Big TX! Now through August 14!
No, really!

Chloe "Art With a Capital A" Kleimenhagen,
with The GilmerMetcalves, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Latest from Red!

We're still slaving away at Wild Turkey Studios, making music like there's no tomorrow (and recent events show there may not be!), but we're always happy to receive news from the outside world. Here's a note about the reclusive Red Sendup, sent (we think, there was no postmark, as it was sent by carrier pidgeon; who knew there were any of those still around?) by his girlfriend.
Here it is:

Lately, we've heard our old friend Red Sendup has descended into the madness that can only come from converting. Not in a religious sense, unless you pray to the late great analog god, Ampex. But, it seems his his old Scully 8-track is beyond repair, and tape prices have spiked so much, he got that wild hair that took Nashville by storm - going digital. He'd heard that "friends don't let friends go digital", but since sobering up a while back, most of his friends won't come near him. Only Dairy Queen herself manages to stop by to check on him, bring him some of her namesake ice cream. And she's never even heard of digital - and thinks analog is some kind of perversion of sorts. He's probably going to go all techno on us, and iron out any traditional country twangs that might survive the apocalypse. If he stays sober we might eventually hear something entirely different - this from the guy that Buck Owens once called "north of Lubbock road kill". If that doesn't say "country", well.....

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