Friday, May 29, 2009

A Shot at Wild Turkey!

While we're busy writing, playing and recording our new CD "Cigs and Whiskey" we had to take a minute to share with everybody this treasure. Of course everyone knows the world famous Wild Turkey Studios, where we're ensconced until we finish "C&W", and its diminutive but dynamic proprietor, W.C. "Gum" Parker. So you can imagine our joy at being presented with an autographed picture of Mr. Parker, taken in the courtyard of his beautiful facility!
You can bet as soon as we get back to the Airstream it will be framed in barnwood and adorning The GilmerMetcalves' Wall of Honor, alongside Jake's toy guitar from his misspent boyhood and that piece of glass Jerry Wayne found outside of the DirtRoad Tavern after a gig in Zorn, Texas.

Click this beauty to see it bigger!

Saddle up with all your favorite Official GilmerMetcalves merchandise!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Save the Swine, and catch the Boogie Woogie Flu, instead!

While the media pigs out on panic over swine flu, focus is being lost on the danger to one of Texas' great examples of feral fauna; we must not let the treasured Havalina go anywhere near the endangered species list! So The GilmerMetcalves are proud to join their fellow musicians rooting for the magnificent beast by being a part of the Feral Hog Rescue Foundation's Cinco de Mayo celebration and benefit concert, "Save The 'Linas"!
BYOB, pulled pork barbeque included in the ticket price! Wiggle your pigglies on down on Saturday!

Chloe "The Other White Meat" Kleimenhagen,
with The GilmerMetcalves, 2009