Monday, July 21, 2008

Oat Couture!

Whether living on a ranch or in the urban frontier, you can still look casually fabulous in official GilmerMetcalves Casual Ranchwear®!
Click here for The GilmerMetcalves Store and see not only fine outlaw apparel, but other lifestyle accessories which show the world your musical and graphic tastes didn't just fall off the hay wagon!

Chloe "We Herd the Crass Out of Commercialism" Kleimenhagen,
Looking fine in GilmerMetcalves gear, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Granbury us not on the lone prairie!

The next leg of our fabulous Hill Country Tour of '08 brings us to the
Northernmost outpost of the THC (no, not that, we mean the Texas Hill Country), historic Granbury, where we'll play a Saturday night hoedown at the beautiful Brazos Motel Ballroom!
It's on the banks of the cool and inviting Lake Granbury, a dammed up section of the Brazos River. But when The GilmerMetcalves cut loose, it may not stay dammed up for long! So get out to the Motel and, in the words of another great Texas musician, "Stay all night and stay a little longer"!

Chloe "I Lost My Bra in the Brazos" Kleimenhagen
with The GilmerMetcalves,
somewhere in the Texas Hill Country, 2008

Listen up and download "The Ballad of el Toro de Fantasma"!
Saddle up with all of your official GilmerMetcalves merchandise!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Ballad of el Toro de Fantasma

Greetings! We're taking a break from our exciting Hill Country Tour '08 (and to recover from the now legendary Fourth of July Beerbust!) to assuage our countless fans and satisfy their internet needs!

By popular demand, we offer, for those so unfortunate to have never witnessed a GilmerMetcalves live concert and/or those who do not have access to our cds, a sample of The GilmerMetcalves at their finest. This instrumental, "The Ballad of el Toro de Fantasma", is now available for your listening pleasure!

Simply click the post title above, download to your favorite music player and be prepared for an aural encounter perfect for those nights around the campfire trying to survive another dinner of Ol' Skillet-Slinger's Bean Surprise!

Enjoy, and get ready for The GilmerMetcalves to come to a fine venue near you!

Chloe "Ear Candy Never Rots Your Teeth" Kleimenhagen,
Somewhere in the Texas Hill Country, 2008

Saddle up with all of your official GilmerMetcalves merchandise!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008