Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It’s a wrap!

The soon to be legend in song and story GilmerMetcalves Hill Country Tour 08 has come to its screeching halt this past Labor Day weekend, with an amazing live guerilla concert on the grounds of the historic and eristic Alamo.

I say “screeching halt” because the squeal of braking tires mixed with the wail of sirens and the chop-chop-chop of local news helicopters overhead to bring a rousing version of “There She Was (Gone)”, accompanied by a robust tourist singalong, now that the long debated lyrical contribution of Red Sendup is out in the open for all to enjoy and memorize for just such an occasion, to a premature end.

We were barely into our second set, when apparently the local constabulary decided the first set was quite enough. Also apparent was the total lack of serious crime afoot that particular Sunday afternoon, since it seemed well over half of San Antonio’s Finest converged on our little recital and shut down the proceedings with extreme prejudice!
All was not lost, however, since the lack of excitement in other sections of town meant the local news channels had none of the usual stabbings, shootings, and car crashes to fill their usual quota of such folderol, so we were front and center on all four channels!

This photo below was sent to us by a fan, and it only begins to suggest the ensuing chaos.

A fitting end to a remarkable six month musical promenade!
But we haven’t long to rest and recuperate, basking in the Texas sunset glory of several jobs well done!

The GilmerMetcalves Fall of 08 Tour of New Mexico and the Great Southwest begins soon with dates and venues to be announced as soon as we know what they are ourselves.
Of course, as always you can keep apprised of the latest barn burning (literally, sometimes) gigs on this blog. Check in often and early!

Chloe “It Would Be Miller Time If I Drank That Crap, Hand Me The Patron Bottle Instead” Kleimenhagen,
relaxing with the GilmerMetcalves, 2008

Listen up and download "A Rough Ride in Luxury" and "The Ballad of el Toro de Fantasma", then saddle up with all of your official GilmerMetcalves merchandise!