Friday, May 6, 2011

It's here!

Here's "Cigs and Whiskey" at last! Available at all gigs, of course, and at this exclusive GilmerMetcalves Fan Link!

And here are some photos from last night's incredible album release party at the fabulous Anca de Rana Lounge in beautiful Frognot, Texas!
You could smell the anticipation late afternoon at the venue!

The boys rocked the club so hard getting an photo in focus was impossible!

Chloe was impressed by this cowboy's taste in chaps!

As usual the men's room was incapacitated in a matter of hours!

Crazy Horse was there!

After the all night country rockin' knock-down-drag-out we spied these revelers at an early breakfast talking about how "Cigs and Whiskey" will change the direction of contemporary music!

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